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About Our Company

Saisi Mechanical Seal Co., Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing of high quality mechanical seals for pumps, mixers, compressors etc with over 20 years experience. We are committed to assist customers with the best sealing solutions at competitive... More

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  • SS-8-1: John crane Type 8-1 replacement

  • SS-Convertor II: AES Convertor II cartridge seal

  • SS-WB2: John cane WB2 PTFE wedge seal

  • SS-Type 2: John crane Type 2 unbalanced seal

  • SS-ROA: Flowserve RO mechanical seal replacement

  • SS-H7N: Burgmann H7N replacement

  • SS-EA560: Burgmann EA560 replacement

  • SS-Mtex-D: Burgmann Mltex Dual seal replacement

  • SS-Type 680: John crane Type 680 replacement

  • SS-MFL85N: Burgmann MFL85N replacement

  • SS-9T: John crane Type 9T AES M05 mechanical seal

  • SS-Cartex-SN: Burgmann Cartex Single seal replacement

  • SS-ROB: Flowserve RO replacement

  • SS-MG1: Burgmann MG1 series mechanical seal

  • SS-9BT: John crane Type 9BT, AES M06 mechanical seal

  • SS-10R/SS-10T: John crane 10R/10T replacement

  • SS-59U: John crane Type 59U, AES M03 unbalanced mechanical se

  • SS-1527: Eagle 1527(Sealol 1527)

  • SS-2100: John Crane Type 2100 elastomer bellows seal

  • SS-BT-A2: Burgmann BT-A2, Johnc rane Type 6A mechanial seal

  • SS-M2N: Burgmann M2N replacement

  • SS-M3N/SS-M3: Burgmann M3N/M3 replacement

  • SS-M74-D: Burgmann M74-D replacement

  • SS-MG9: Burgmann MG9 replacement

  • SS-Type 9: AES M01, John crane Type 9 PTFE wedge seal

  • SS-Type 609: John crane Type 609 replacement

  • SS-MFLWT80: Burgmann MFLWT80 replacement

  • SS-YE400: Burgmann YE400 replacement

  • SS-5610: John crane Type 5610 replacement

  • SS-5620: John crane Type 5620 replacement

  • SS-Cartex-DN: Burgmann Cartex Dual Seal replacement

  • SS-HR: Burgmann HR replacement

  • SS-LL9DJUE: Burgmann LL9DJUE replacement

  • SS-Mtex-S: Burgmann Mltex Single seal replacement

  • SS-EMU: EMU, Willo pump seal, replacement of AES SOEC pump se

  • Grundfos 12mm/16mm cartridge seals