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SS-P07: AES P07 mechanical seal

SS-P07: Replacement of AES P07, Roplan RTH81/82/84, Roten S, Sterling AL

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SS-P07: AES P07 mechanical seal
Structure Description:
Equivalent to AES P07
Suitable for Alfa laval pumps CN,EM,FM,GM,LKH,ME,MR

Operating Limits:
Temperature: -10º C to +150º C
Pressure: ≤ 0.8MPa
Speed: ≤ 12m/s

Stationary Ring: CAR,CER,SIC,SSIC
Rotary Ring: Q5, Resin Impregnated Carbon Graphite(Furan), SIC
Secondary Seal: Viton, NBR,EPDM
Spring and Metal Parts: 304/316