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SS-CR1: Grundfos pump seal

SS-CR1: Gruandfos pumps seal

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Structure Description:
Replacement of Grundfos pump seal
Operating Limits:
Temperature: -20℃ to +180℃
Pressure: ≤1.2MPa
Speed: ≤10m/s
Standard Size:12mm,16mm

Stationary Ring: Carbon, Silicon Carbide, TC
Rotary Ring: Silicon Carbide, TC, ceramic
Secondary Seal: NBR, EPDM, Viton
Spring and Metal Parts: 316

Applications: Clean water, sewage water, oil and other moderately corrosive fluids

Size(d) D2 D1 D3 L1 L L10
12 19 23 22 31.0  39.0  40.5 
16 23 27 26 32.5  40.5  41.5 
Dimension in minimeter